Diversified’s survey and locations department has over 35 years’ experience in the accurate surveying, location and documentation of in-ground assets. With location of underground assets a primary action for our works we have a team of professionals that undertake locations and tracking as their primary role. We have sourced a range of location equipment from Ground Penetrating Radar and high frequency radio tracking equipment to Vac trucks. This ensures we have the right tools for the job.

We provide location services for a range of customers. With a highly experienced team of dedicated locators, Diversified has the necessary equipment and experience to locate and document this important process.

Our staff at Diversified are proficient in a number of mapping and drawing packages including AutoCAD, MapInfo and Visio. We are able to provide you with accurate drawings for projects as small as a new connection at your office through to complex large scale infrastructure projects spanning suburbs.

The preparation of pre-job set out and post-job “As-Constructed” drawings ensures that your existing infrastructure is kept safe from damage and future assets are placed correctly.


Byford Road works

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Thomas Rd Dual Carriage way Project Forward works.